Our Bail Bonds Process

If you are in need of a professional bail bond company, Keys Bail Bonds is your choice.







1. A person is arrested for a criminal offense and they are required to go through a booking process, which can take between an hour up to 12 hours or more depending on the facility where the person is booked.

2. After completing the booking process, the person will have a bail set on them based on the charge(s) or the warrant amount set by a Judge. 

3. Once the family or friends of the arrested person decides they want to bail the person out, they will meet with the bail agent and fill out paperwork, sign as the indemnitor(s) of the bail bond and pay the bail fees which are known as the premium (usually 10 percent). The indemnitor(s) are signing a guarantee that they will be responsible for the arrestee making all of their Court dates or they will pay the full face value of the bond to the bonding agency. Collateral may also be required from the indemnitor depending on the circumstance. When you contact us, we will discuss all of the options and requirements based on your situation. In Bail Bonds, no two situations are exactly alike.

4. Once the paperwork is completed, the licensed bail agent will post the bail bond with the police station, jail or courthouse where the arrestee is being held. 

5. The release time, just like the booking time, will vary based on the facility holding the person but usually ranges from one to two hours at a smaller facility to over eight hours at the large county jails.